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Download GWiki application and developer libraries.

Standalone Desktop Installation

Take a look at the GWiki desktop installation.

After downloading GWiki standalone distribution, please refer to Installation to launch
the GWiki server.


Standalone Desktop binary: gwiki-standalone-1.0.0.zip

For GWiki Plugins please refer to Plugin Downloads.


Snapshot of the Standalone Desktop binary: gwiki-standalone-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.zip

All files:


Bugs, Support requests and feature requests can be found and submitted at:

Developer of GWiki

If you want to deploy GWiki on an servlet container or integrate GWiki in your own web project.

Following artefakts are provided:

  • gwiki-parent: Parent pom only
  • gwiki-genome-dependencies: common utility classes
  • gwiki: gwiki library
  • gwiki-standalone: Desktop gwiki with jetty
  • gwiki-webapp: War archive to deploy in tomcat or other servlet container.

If you use maven, please check our nexus repository at:

for gwiki related snapshots or browse/download file directly:

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